LeZ-gELm is a producer for more then 15 years. He has been a drummer in the famous BLATANT YOBS punk band but needed to expres his creativity more. So he started to follow producers course on the SAE and started producing Music on the computer. His 4th song he ever wrote was directly brought out on vinyl and his carreer as a producer was started within 4 months.

Throughout the years he made all different kinds of tracks. His style varies between break-beat, tech-house, progressive dance, lounge, electro and minimal. These day’s he mainly is focussed on Tech-House, Minimal. His sound is characterized by a very deep and brought scale of pumpin bass & beats. Together with his experiencen on live drumming he always give his songs some extra mindblowing rithems. LeZ-gELm is always trying to make the walls go down while floors go elastic. During his pumpin sets he will take you on into a flowing yet energetic level.

Between 2002 and 2004 he has been performing live in mainly underground shows, but when started his own producerschool and did a lot of national and international collaborations he decided that his workflow must be focussed into studiowork and production. Since 2010 he started his liveperformance again.