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It is possible to send us your track online. When we receive your track we can master it fast with good quality.

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The ONLINE MASTERING SERVICE of the TEMPLE OF BOOM STUDIO gives everybody the opportunity to get their music mastered online!
The price you pay is ALL-INCLUSIVE, so there will be no additional costs!


Our mastering engineers have been working in the music industry for more than 12 years and we have been mastering in our professional masteringstudio for over more than 7 years now.


In the last few recent years the studio has increasingly invest in high-end studio equipment, so we can achieve more and better end results.
We mixed and mastered for all kinds of artists. From underground club music producers on independent labels as well for artists who are on major recordcompanies.


Because of our analog mastering facility, we are able to add warmth, dynamic-detail, a wide stereo image, density and loudness levels to all audible frequencies. Finally your MASTER will be digitized, dithered and maximized and we are also able to reduce noise levels to a minimum.


Professional, fast and easy!
Any style and any musical genre is welcome.


What does mastering mean?

Mastering: science or witchcraft?
Well: neither of both

Audio Mastering is the final step before it is pressed on CD or is ready for to be sold on the internet; the mastering engineer translates your production to a great-sounding endresult that will sound great on any system. From club to car, from home / garden / kitchen hi-fi to airplay on your radio.

Mastering is a very complex process which time, a good set of ears of an experienced mastering engineer and a professional listening environment needs.
In addition, the Temple of Boom studio is working with the best hardware and the best analog and digital mastering tools which are essential to produce an excellent sounding master.

Even the best engineers and producers will have difficulty’s with their own pitfalls and / or imperfections in a mix to hear. With letting us master your songs in our specialized mastering studio these problems will be corrected in your mix during the masteringstage.



1.   Make sure you listened to your final mix well to be ensured that there is no clipping or creaks in your song which occurded during the making of your song.If we have to remove them we will charge money for this work. This might include: removing noise, hiss, humm, pops and clicks from a bad recording or mixdown. Restoration is charged at a € 1,- per minute rate, and is rounded down to the minute.


2.   Send your mixdown with a maximum level -6 dB. Your final mix track must not be compressed or have been processed by a (Brickwall) limiter. No dithering or other type of noise shaping, no loudness maximizer or other kind of dynamic effect on final mix were applied during the writing of your raw final mix. In other words, the final mix should be clean of effects on your masterbus so we have enough headroom to work with your rough mixdown.


3.   Only send Wav (PC) or Aiff (Mac) format. No MP3/WMA/OGG or other kind of compressed format.


4.   The format you send should have a bitrate of 16 or 24 or 32 bit float with a minimum resolution of 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz maximum. The higher the bitrate or samplerate, the better we can do out job.


5.   We will master the entire track and send a piece of the final result for your own approvement. Upon approval and payment you will receive the mastered version of us in return.


6.   Repack your song in RAR or Winzip.


We use one of the finest Multi-Band comressor in the world (Maselec MLA-3 Mutliband Mastering Compressor) and the TL Audio Ebony A3 Compressor. With these hardware compressors we are capable to make the finest Mastering tracks containing warmth and Depth.